Free space mismatch, unsure what to do about it - Ubuntu target

  1. I’m on the latest daily version.
  2. validate.php shows all is good in the world.
  3. I am not out of disk space on the libreNMS host
  4. I’m using snmp v3.
  5. The target is Ubuntu 14.04.
  6. The free space remaining is not reported correctly. I know this, because for weeks it reported 374MB free, but in-fact was 0 bytes free. This… is the whole point of having a monitoring system like this…

As per Laf/Murrant (forget whom recommended this) direction, I checked the poller response. The numbers matched up. So, I’m not sure why the environment/db arrived at the conclusion that it had so much free, when it really didn’t.

Any tips on what to check? I’m not a DBA, so I can’t just conjure queries out of thin air at this time, sorry.

Hi @BloodyIron

To what match the poller response? 0 or 374MB?

Okay, to clarify on that.

What I compared was, the output of df (on the target server), as in, the raw count of 1k, multiplied by 1024. Then took the value that was reported through snmp (forget exact name), which reports in blocks of 4096, multiply the count through SNMP via 4096.

Then compare the two values, and they appear to match.

Hope that clarifies :slight_smile: