Frequency Overlap Alert Rule

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Hello, I’m trying to set up a new alert rule for our wireless devices. We have a lot of Ubiquiti 5Ghz sectors on our network, and a common problem we have is getting booted off DFS channels, which puts all of our sectors on the same frequency causing interference issues.

I’m fairly new to LibreNMS alert rules, but I do see that Radio Frequency is recorded under Device → Wireless. We have about 15 tower locations, so it also needs to be based on location. For example, if “Location A sector” and “Location B sector” share the same frequency, thats not an issue.

The alert will be basically as follows:

If DeviceA And DeviceB Frequency is equal,
And Location = Same,
Send an alert

Hi @Noah_McDonald1 ,
I am not really sure this is currently possible. Because alert-rules are run on each device one after the other. So there is nothing like deviceA and deviceB in the same alert rule.

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