Fresh oxidized fails to start

Hi everyone. Ive got a fresh (friday) ubuntu OVA install of librenms and while i got all my devices in and working, I cannot get oxidized to work. When running “oxidized” twice from the command line I get the following output:

librenms@ubuntu:~$ oxidized
edit ~/.config/oxidized/config
librenms@ubuntu:~$ oxidized
Error loading config : undefined method ‘unsafe load’ for Psych:Module
Did you mean? safe load

Google hasn’t been much help. I’ve since restarted the server, and even deleted the config file and tried again to no avail. I’m familiar with ubuntu, but this is somewhat over my head. Nothing has been updated past the initial OVA setup, as this is an airgapped network with no internet access.

I’m trying to follow the install guides, but unsure how much is needed from me to setup since it’s pre-installed via the ova. any help would be tremendous.

For anyone wondering, i had to copy the psych 3.3.2 gem over from another system.

sudo gem install psych -v 3.3.2

yup. i had to do that on a identical dummy system and copy the gem over and install it manually in order to get it to come up. Not having internet access is a pain.