Geist Watchdog 15 Support

I have two Geist Watchdog 15 monitors on my network. They both are having the same problem inside LibreNMS: they only show overall network traffic. There are no graphs whatsoever for temperature, humidity, or dew point. They do show up as environment monitors and the OS shows up correctly, but there is nothing about sensing their environment.

discovery.php - Untitled - LibreNMS
poller.php - Untitled - LibreNMS

There is a mib zip file included on the Watchdog that contains the same mib file found in ./mibs/geist/GEIST-V4-MIB. The zip file also contains a csv with a ton of available OIDs. The OID for the Watchdog was not in the .yaml file for Geist so I added it manually with no luck. I can attach/link the csv if that will help.

Thank you in advance!

I figured out the solution: my firmware was outdated. I had version 3.1.0 installed on the watchdogs but version 3.4.0 was available. I upgraded the firmware and the sensors immediately showed up on LibreNMS.

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