Geist Watchdog External Sensor Discovery Not Working

Old Issue

Since the last issue was closed I figured I’d open a new one and attach the relevant data. Geist released another new firmware (v3.4.0) and apparently a new MIB file with Vertiv???

Can someone that is way smarter than me take a look and see if I’m just missing something?





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I am experencing the same thing. I believe the issue is related to the fact that the geist-watchdog.yaml file references the sysObjectID as an OID shared by geist-imd. I would love to help, but I am not a developer. I attempted to see if I could figure it out on my own, but nothing I have tried is working. It always sees the device as geist-watchdog.

I was able to get the Vertiv PDU to start logging power data (mostly). However, I am not sure if it’s the correct method or not. I had to create customer definitions and modify geist-watchdog.yaml file under includes/definitions and changed the sysObjectID as the one included was too generic:





This may have broken the definition for the other Geist watchdog devices, but that’s not an issue for me because I don’t have any of those to monitor. Here are the custom files that I had to create:

Vertiv PDU Discovery YAML:

Vertiv PDU Definition YAML:

Vertiv PDU MIB (I called it VERTIV-V5-MIB and put under mibs/vertiv/):

I am having an issue where it is not picking up the 3 circuits for the Current values.

you should submit the changes in git hub a Pull Request.

Thank you. I have never done that before, but I believe it’s a well documented procedure. I am just not confident that it won’t break the other Geist devices. I’ll see if I can get the issue with only 3 of the circuits graphing data before I submit the changes.

Bumping this!

I’m revisiting this now with a fresh set of eyes and after rewriting all the definition and discovery yaml to be specific for the new unified VERTIV-BB-MIB I can poll and display all sensors both internal and external

How does the team suggest that I format my pull request since I believe the device OID is the same regardless of whether the firmware is new enough to require the VERTIV MIB? I don’t want to submit a PR that’s going to break all older Watchdogs

Is there a way to identify it as a different OS based on release version?