Geo location name

It’d be nice to be able to attach a name to a geolocation [lat, long] title, just for recognition of the location.

And if that’s already able to be done, I have not found it… Could someone please post?


Yes its under

43 AM

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Yes, I found where the list is, but I cannot figure out how to change the name from the [lat,long] to another name…

On every device you should see under edit the sys location you edit that.

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To make this more clear to others that may be watching:

Put the “common name” or “descriptive name” in the “Override sysLocation” field. This will create a new location, that you can then edit and change the Lat/Long under the “Devices -> Geolocations -> All locations” menu.

Thanks for the help, Kevin!

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Closed as this has already implanted.