Get Min value of the graphics in the database of librenms

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I am trying to find the minimum value of the graphs in the librenms database but I can only find the current and the previous value but not the minimum I verify in the database and I cannot find it my purpose is to use that value to create a alert according to the variation any idea where I can find it? Thank you

Hi @gabriel_arispe
This value is not stored in the DB. That’s why you cannot find it, and won’t be able to alert based on it.
This value is only in the RRD file.

Thanks, What happens is that I want to create an alarm when there is a variation in an optimal port of more than 1 Db, would you have any idea how to do it?. I think that maybe it could be done with the previous value but with a date of at least 4 hours before, however I observe that the database does not keep a history of the previous values ​​but updates them.

Exactly. That’s why I told you that what you plan to achieve is currently not possible using the DB. Even if, in the RRD, you could do the maths, RRDs cannot be used for alerting currently.