Getting HP Servers to Report SMART status

I am new to libreNMS, largely been able to figure out most things up to this point, however, I do notice some HP servers I add never report their make/model (remain “Windows x64”) and show storage space status, but never the individual drive statuses. I did run the HP update tool to install all the SNMP agents, etc., however - some HP servers show these items and some just do not (even of the same model, DL380p Gen 8).

The below is an example I see from one that is reporting as desired, this is just completely missing from the ones that aren’t:

Wondering if anyone knows specifically which things HP servers need to successfully report these items?

Thanks in advance!

I’m unsure about your make/model issue but for the SMART maybe this helps?

Depending on what RAID card these use and their configurations (RAID, JBOD etc) you may not be able to pull SMART data directly from the disks and will have to rely on a tool to query the RAID card for this information. It’s possible your HP SNMP agent does this on some model RAID cards but not on others…

More information for your hardware would be handy but I’m not sure if this is a LibreNMS issue or just a general SNMP question. You may gain more traction asking this question on a forum that specialized in SNMP or HP products.

So I figured this out, posting for anyone who needs this in the future.

The HP Insights Agent must be installed and WORKING to pass this data to the windows SNMP service. On Server 2019, the installers for the G8 and older devices give an error stating it’s an Unsupported OS, so I had extracted the installer and ran the MSI directly to install them. Apparently the EXE in this case does some configuration specific to the hardware, so after uninstalling my manual MSI install, I then right clicked the exe and went to properties → Compatability and selected “windows vista”. This got past the unsupported OS blocker and ran the installer. After a reboot, it was passing info over to the windows SNMP service properly, and the state sensors for the drive showed up in LibreNMS.

I do believe the smart storage administrator is required for the drive state sensors as well, the same compatability process worked for this installer.

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