Global admin vs admin but there is only one admin - user needs to edit sensor thresholds

Is there a way to give “Admin” privileges to devices, ports, or groups that a user is authorized to view.

I have a user who can access PDUs and environment sensors. He needs to be able to customize some of the alerting thresholds so he can get alerts. However even if I create a group with all of the necessary devices and assign it to him as a normal user he can only view the device and does not have the ability to edit it.

I have edited the device controllers so I could get the edit device gear icon. But now when I click on it I gets permission denied. I see that the condition for the tasks is “hasGlobalAdmin” I would assume that there would be a non global admin but there isn’t.

So I set it up so the normal users can edit devices/groups/ports they have been assigned and only provided the necessary settings available.

Also modified the files so only the health/sensor tab is visible to them.

This would lead me to believe that we should have a global admin, device/group/port admin, and normal user profile. Any tips on which files or database entries will need to modified to do this?