Global vs device alerts


I want to alert when disk usage is over some limits on all of my systems.

I have this global rule applied to all devices: “stotage.storage_perc >= 80” (level warn) to detect filling file systems.

On some systems i accept higher disk usage, so I added this device rule: “storage.storage_perc >= 90” applied to one device.

The problem is that the global rules triggers an alert even on the device with a separate device rule. Usage is at 82%.

What have I misunderstood?

BC, ur global alert rule also apply for the solo one u made.

But the slide under it, all exept this group,

So u make an group for that type alert , example exclusie 80% disk tule.
Set that device in there and Mark them on the all exept this groupe of device.

Next u make an seperate rule for 90% only in that group.

Hope u understand me lol.



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You could also use the warn value that you can set per-device.

Device -> Edit -> Storage

Set the % Warn.

Then, in you alert rule storage.storage_perc >= storage.storage_perc_warn

You can also set the default % Warn for storage when adding new devices:


$config['storage_perc_warn'] = 60;
$config['os']['linux']['storage_perc_warn'] = 60;

@TheGreatDoc. This suggestion works for me. Thanks!