Good for an MSP?


I’m doing some digging on low cost solutions for the MSP I work for, and I was wondering if anyone here has used this in this way? Right now we’re using PRTG and it works well enough, but we’re digging into other options.

Can you use this for different clients across different geographical regions and have it sent to a centralized location? Can that data be kept separate (multi-tenant)? Are there any licensing issues with using it in this way?

Answers much appreciated


I’m an MSP and I can say that this does not work well for a multi-tenant setup. We still do use it for our larger clients but that’s just to augment our main RMM.

If i had all the time in the world, I wouldn’t mind trying. While it won’t be a true multi-tenant setup, you could separate devices by location(groups). I’m sure you don’t have vpn tunnels to all your clients, so polling will need to be via some sort of proxy or gateway. Or if you want to get creative maybe something like zerotier.

Anyway, best of luck. Keep us up to date with your research.