Grafana graphing directly from RRDs

I want to draw librenms graphs in grafana without doubling data using influxdb.

I have now one solution but it’s not the best.
We are serving rrds directly with grafana-rrd-server and then importing with simple json plugin and drawing with scripted dashboards of grafana.

  1. Create soft links of rrds (port_name.rrd instead of port_id.rrd) because is the name of the serie in grafana-rrd-server
  2. Serving rrds with grafana-rrd-server to localhost.
  3. I have two datasources, one for octects because (octect=8 bits) and one for rest of data (error=1 error)
  4. Generate dashboard with scripted dashboards.

¿Anyone knows another way?

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Good luck, I’m pretty sure you are in uncharted territory. Most everyone just uses another tsdb in conjunction with Grafana.

I suposed it, but if I write it in a post anyone can search for it.

It’s working good.



Grafana-rrd-server service example:
Description=Grafana RRD Server (librenms RRDs)

ExecStart=/usr/bin/grafana-rrd-server -p 9001 -r /opt/librenms/rrd/ -s 600 &


Create new simple json datasource with:

You can draw series with devicefolder:rrdfilewithout.rrd:seriename example device1:port-id1:INOCTETS