Grant access for normal users by devicegroup


It would be nice to have the posibility to grant access to devices by device groups, instead of assigning 100 of devices manualy by hand.
Else a script giving access to assign device access by ip ranges like:, would make this task much easier.

Thanks for making this great system.



Is there a script available to assign devices to level 1 users.
The manuel way for assigning a 100 devices or more, is inefficient.

Thanks for making a great system.
Best Regards Mogens


Same problem

Re-upping this request - it’s similar to this one as well, I think: User Device Access

When I’m giving users access to sets of devices it would be nice if it was even checkboxes instead of a drop-down menu so that I’m not reloading the page every time I add a device to a user’s access.

Adding by device groups would be golden if it were an option as well.

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