Graph figures don't add up


I was wondering if someone could tell me where I’ve gone wrong, or if I’ve found a problem.
I’ve created a bill port (over two ports) and the graph figures don’t seem to add up.

The “Maximum” “In” is about 2Gbps but the “95th %ile” is stated as 2.94Gbps.
Out is negligable.

Any advise?



Hi @durfo
Not an expert on billing at all, but beware that the graph is not drawing a max value but an average. So the 95th percentile can definitely be higher than what you would expect just looking at a graph for a so long period of time.
Let see what users with billing setup would say.

Interestingly this doesn’t appear to be a billing port issue.
Under Ports, Peering + Transit I experience the same issue.

So. What’s the approriate method for attracting the attention of a benelent knowledgable member? :slight_smile: Bribery? :slight_smile:

as I already mentionned, you have to be aware on how 95 perc is calculated. It is a limit under which the measurement is under 95% of the time. So if your graph is an average, the 95% can easily be superior to the “visible” maximum of the current graph.
The point is that mathematically, the billing graph figures probably add up pretty well, cause LibreNMS are using these values and checking them against other sources…
The standard graphs are not meant to be used for billing, they are not precise enough. (That’s why there is a billing module, by the way)

Thanks for the clarification @PipoCanaja.
I’ll send my bribe as a donation :slight_smile: