Graphing entropy


I’ve gone through the entropy procedure here:

but what happens after the restart of snmpd ?

ie. I’m accustomed to going to the “Applications” area of the device and enabling the “entropy” application that should be there after entering that name into the extend statement in snmpd.conf.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any entropy application.

Any ideas how one is supposed to see the entropy graphed?



In general, that should be all you need other than maybe rediscover the device. In the Edit > Applications page it’s called “Random entropy” though it is positioned in the list as if the name were just Entropy alphabetically.

If that’s not there in your app list you might want to make sure your installation is up-to-date. I believe that app was just added a couple days ago. My version is: 1.38-59-g253ae82 - Mon Apr 16 2018 09:06:23 GMT+1200

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Thanks for this response, explains it perfectly.

I like to set “stable” branches for updates, so will wait for the next stable release to get this option.

Thanks again.