Graphing of storage on Enterasys Switches

I am using LibreNMS for quite some time now and I am loving it, especially the prompt help I get from its developers when I encounter challenges. We use LibreNMS to poll Enterasys switches and while a lot of issues we have had with them have resolved by the developers, we have a need to be able to poll and graph Internal Storage utilization on the N-series plartform of these devices. As can be seen in the picture below the information is being graphed on the C-series switches.

Upon quick glance of the discovery debug, it looks like this information is being discovered, see github issue #6225;

Below is the links to the discovery and poller debugs respectively.
The screenshot below shows the graphing of CPU, RAM but no storage.

If this hasn’t been added yet will you provide a complete walk of the switch series in question?

Please use snmpbulkwalk -OUneb -v2c -c COMMUNITY HOSTNAME . as outlined here: