Graphite output speed

I’m trying to get librenms to export to graphtie. It’s working but it seems to be taking a very long time for graphs to be created in graphite. For example I have one host that only has a handful of its interfaces in graphite. Every time I run poller.php another one appears, but even then not all metrics (e.g. I might just get ifInOctets_rate). Is there any way to force it to generate them all in one hit? Or a way to speed the process up?



Never fails, give up and ask for help and then immediately find the answer :cry:

For anyone else who stumbles across this, in /etc/carbon/carbon.conf there’s a couple of variables called “MAX_CREATES_PER_MINUTE” and “MAX_UPDATES_PER_SECOND”. Increasing these a hundred fold seems to have fixed my issue!

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