Graphs not showing for new devices

I’ve got some new devices I recently added to my Librenms setup and for some reason none of the graph data is populating for those devices while older devices keep right on chugging. Validate is showing no errors. I’m running 23.5.0 on an Ubuntu 22 system.

To be sure I went through and did some chown commands from the installation instructions to ensure everything was good.

The devices in question that I’ve added are C1000 Cisco switches and a Cradlepoint gateway. Al the data I’m specifically looking for is traffic data. IN my dashboard, something is clearly being read since interfaces are showing from those devices in the top 5 interfaces polled however no graph is there.

When I take the RRD command and paste it into an ssh session on the system I get a number readout: ie 1793x357 - is this correct?

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