Gravitational Well or Black Hole near my printer causing time dilation ?!

As I understand it a plot of uptime against time can only ever be a straight line (as it is on all my other monitored devices).

So ignoring the saw tooth nature of the graph due to reboots can anyone explain how these lines are wobbling without resorting to using Einstein’s Theory of Relativity… ?


Perhaps your “Other Devices” are reporting a-la Gottfried Leibniz while your printers have delays in internally incrementing/reporting stats? Is it only one type of printer that does this? OK, Gottfried doesn’t really apply… but I am restricted.

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The printer is a Xerox and theres a second Xerox on the network that like all my other monitored devices shows a straight line plot for uptime. Its just this one Xerox WorkCentre 3335 that has issues with non linear uptime reporting

One bad egg. You could try updating the firmware on it - I have read about Xerox printers being funny about SNMP where it would affect other parts of the printer.

Xerox Driver - Workcenter 3335

Yes i have that issue too. We have a third xerox, a 3210 which ive stopped monitoring as every time the discovery runs (every 6 hours) the printer locks up - its fine with just normal poling - but the discovery locks it up every time…