Graylog 4 integration issue

I’m having issue displaying logs from Graylog 4 in Librenms, I can perform the API call to Graylog from the Librenms server but all that is returned is the below:

curl -4 -X GET -u “admin:**********” -H ‘Accept: application/json’ ‘*&range=&limit=25&offset=0’ | python -m json.tool

“cluster_id”: “8038703b-3f98-4339-b35e-2465f4de1ceb”,
“node_id”: “75fda305-cf1c-4958-ac85-d3978a738352”,
“tagline”: “Manage your logs in the dark and have lasers going and make it look like you’re from space!”,
“version”: “4.0.1+6a0cc0b”

Am I missing something in Graylog I have multiple inputs that have multiple streams, that remove the messages from all messages. Thanks

So I figured out the issue since running Graylog 4 I had to change the version to other and modify the Base URI

 ./lnms config:get graylog
array (
  'device-page' =>
  array (
    'loglevel' => 7,
    'rowCount' => 10,
  'server' => '',
  'port' => 80,
  'username' => 'admin',
  'timezone' => 'America/Los_Angeles',
  'base_uri' => '/api/search/universal/relative/',
  'password' => 'mBQ32B&6Bv',
  'version' => 'other',
  'match-any-address' => 'true',
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hi,match-any-address’ => 'true

i newbie and i have a problem with graylog 4.x and librenms , integration not found…
What’s correct configuration?