Graylog integration into Librenms logs not appearing in device's page

I am trying to figure out how to integrate the graylog logs into librenms.
I am logging information from Juniper SRX and those are the commands I am using :

root@srx-0> show configuration security log
mode stream;
format sd-syslog;
stream STRM- {
host {;
port 31337;

I can see that there are logs from graylog in Dashboard > Graylog, but when I go to the device page and select the graylog tab there are no logs. My guess is that the hostname of the device appears as as source and it’s srx-0 and not the as it appears in the page. My question is how to resolve this ?

Add the device as srx-0.

I feel stupid … :slight_smile: Thank you so much I just added the IP and changed the hostname to srx-0 and everything appeared automagically … Awesome!