Graylog logging in overview page but not in device page

Hi All,

I setup Graylog and its working fine only issue I have is that its not logging to my device page.

the source is the exact same name as the device side

This is how my config look for Graylog

any Idea what the issue might be?

Hi can anyone help with this.

Have you checked under Logs tab?

yes, nothing is being logged when you check under the device syslog tab, only on the overview graylog it logs… its not pushing the logs to the device, but it does show the source device under graylog.

No sure if you are using full FQDNS but adding $PreserveFQDN on to your rsyslog config may help.

Currently, LibreNMS does not associate shortnames from Graylog with full FQDNS. If you have your devices in LibreNMS using full FQDNs, such as, be aware that rsyslogd, by default, sends the shortname only. To fix this, add
$PreserveFQDN on
to your rsyslog config to send the full FQDN so device logs will be associated correctly in LibreNMS. Also see near the bottom of this document for tips on how to enable/suppress the domain part of hostnames in syslog-messages for some platforms.