Greater statistics collection for improved OS detection

We will be pushing an update to add sysDescr and sysObjectID to the data collected by
This will allow us to improve our OS detection and our testing infrastructure, that ensures code changes doesn’t break existing devices. If you would like to help, please Opt-In.

There is the possibilty that sysDescr contains non-anonymous data. We try to remove this data before submission. This data will not be displayed on, it will only be used to improve our detection and tests. If you find non-anonymous data being collected, please report it at

If you no longer would like to take part in submitting these statistics to the LibreNMS project, then we understand. To manage statistics collection settings, go to the About LibreNMS screen by clicking the gear in the upper right. Here you can Opt-In, Opt-Out, or clear all data collected from that install.

We will enable sysDescr and sysObjectID collection next Monday, January 30th.

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