Group by ports


My support team want a supervision by group of ports.

We have a lot of network elements and they want an widget with alert just for specific ports, can i do it with LibreNMS or i need to develop an new widget?

idk about the widget part. But you could build a device group with the ports you want and then build whatever alert rule would like and rule map to that group.

Yes i already do this but they don’t care about device they want just visibility on interfaces flux.

For exemple this widget :

They want the same but just with interfaces selected and not all the device

i know in some of the front pages they have interfaces that can be displayed. idk maybe you can look around at it.

$config['front_page'] = "pages/front/default.php";

A number of home pages are provided within the install and can be found in html/pages/front/. You can change the default by setting front_page. The other options are used to alter the look of those pages that support it (default.php supports these options).