GUDE Systems: Expert Sensor Box 7214 (environment sensor)


We will be using Expert Sensor Box 7214 from GUDE for environment sensor (temperature and humidity).

For now I will create a custom OID to monitor the temperature and humidity. But would be great if these graphs would be created by default.

SNMP Walk on 7214 box: Expert Sensor Box 7214 - LibreNMS
MIB Files for 7214 ( GUDEADS-ESB7214-MIB): GUDEADS-ESB7214-MIB.txt - LibreNMS

As you could see from MIB

 ::= { enterprises 28507 }

your walk is incomplete. Last line:
184. iso. = INTEGER: 2

you need to manually walk this device , try it with -v1 or -r 10