Handling multiple IP's on a single device

Is there a “best practice” for handling monitoring of network (ICMP at the very least) for multiple IP’s on a single device? I’m trying to figure out how to add additional IP’s that live on a switch as “virtual IP’s” to gather packetloss/availability stats on those as well. They fall in different subnets, and or via different carriers and I’m not sure how adding them in would look since they are all linked to one device.

Has anyone else tried tackling this? If I missed this in documentation I apologize, and just point me in the right direction, but I didn’t see anything specific.


Add the switch using the management IP address. Discovery should be able to find the rest. :slight_smile:

You can now add non-snmp devices so you could add each IP as a ping only device or what is probably better, add them using service checks so you get info on what you need.

Thank you, thats an awesome suggestion, I appreciate it.