Happy 5th Birthday to LibreNMS

So this commit marked the start of LibreNMS as you know it today, based on that date - we were 5 years old yesterday.

Now whilst we’d love to be able to throw an actual party we just don’t have the resources to pull something like that off, but if you want to buy us a beer then you can do so here :slight_smile:

Having said that, we’d still like to do something to say a big thank you to all of our contributors and users. So, we’re offering out some hoodies to people who make an amazing difference to the project in November, basically ready for the 1.47 release which will take us to the end of 2018. To do that, we’ve set some little challenges:

The most deserving contributor. Based on the overall contributions from now until we release 1.47. It doesn’t have to be the single biggest PR or the 40 of them. We’ll take various things in to account but the biggest criteria is to have your PR merged in for the next release - be responsive if we ask questions :slight_smile:

The most deserving supporter This will be the person who helps others out in ways that make a difference. Like contributing, it’s not going to be all about the quantity, quality will be key here. You could be helping people out on this forum, Discord, Reddit, Twitter or one of the countless other areas of the internet that people ask for help in.

Wildcard Someone who’s just done something amazing for the project. We have no idea what that is but you might :slight_smile:

Here’s to the next 5 years and some amazing updates to the software in that time.


We have given out two hoodies thus far:

Contributor: @PipoCanaja
Supportor: @Chas

We would like to thank them and others that continue to contributed to LibreNMS. Also thanks to everyone on the LibreNMS team, they do a great job.

Also, we have not given out a wildcard hoodie. If you know someone that is deserving let us know :slight_smile: