Having trouble enableing Proxmox App

I’m having a hard time the proxmox app to work. When I choose Apps → Proxmox I get the following error:

Proxmox agent was discovered on this host. Please enable Proxmox in your config.

I’ve enabled The Proxmox app via both the agent and through SNMP. It’s turned on in both the global and device configuration for my proxmox host. I can run “nc proxhost 6556” and see the “<<< app-proxmox >>>” output. If I go to “Capture Debug Information” in the webui and run SNMP I see “<<< app-proxmox >>>” output there too.

I feel like I’m missing something fundamental that will be blindingly obvious after I figure it out, but I’ve been pounding my head against the wall for a couple days, but can’t figure it out. Anyone have a clue?

You got this setup?

[email protected]:~$ grep proxmox config.php
$config['enable_proxmox'] = 1;

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