Help adding a new OS

Hi. Im test add new os,everything work.
Im saved icon in html/images/os/ and html/images/logos/ but icon still show generic device.

os: RacomOS
text: 'Racom’
type: wireless
icon: ray
group: racom
- { graph: device_bits, text: ‘Device Traffic’ }
- { graph: device_processor, text: ‘CPU Usage’ }
- { graph: device_mempool, text: ‘Memory Usage’ }
- sysObjectId: .
- racom

Have you uploaded the new logo in the correct location, html/images/os/?

If so, try removing the os cache rm -f cache/os_defs.cache

Try but not work.

Im try using another logo (cisco),but still show generic device.

Another problem is that the device does not support snmp ifInOctets and ifOutOctets.
How to solve the Interface Traffic graph

You should submit a pull request, we can help better there as it’s more conducive to discussing code.

I had this problem with a CheckPoint SecurePlatform, and the problem was the os name. The os name was not able to include capital letters. Maybe your case is the same.