Help for newbie developer wanying to make changes to LibreNMS

I’m new to LibreNMS coding and I’m having an issue making changes. When I change includes/html/common/, the changes are not taken into account.
Is there caching going on that needs to be flushed when changes are made?

I have also enabled DebugBar (it correctly displays when I browse LibreNMS) but the Debugbar:: messages added in the code don’t appear in Debugbar.
What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for any suggestions…

I am trying to make changes to php files that are not taken into account. I understand that the WorldMap is not integrated in Laravel, so probably no chance to debug with Laravel.
How do developers make changes, test them and ensure that they work?
Is there any documentation giving some tips on cache issues ?

Did you start here?

Yes, I did do that. I also tried using a local ‘lnms serve’. There must be something related to the php executing that I am missing… I just want to test a small change to includes/html/common/…

I solved my problem!

I figured out that the WorldMap implementation is now located in resources/views/widgets/worldmap.blade.php.
The files includes/html/pages/front/map.php and includes/html/common/ contain dead code if I am correct.

The filtering of devices under maintenance that was previously implemented is no longer present in WorldMap.blade.php…

I will be looking into providing a patch to reimplement this feature.

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