HELP (i don't want to lose my job)

Hello, since I install LibreNMS on my raspberry pi 4, and i saw isn’t the good one (i modify the configuration of one which already exist at my company), the sound of this raspberry stop working on the TV (hdmi plugged). I do the entire configuration of the debian setup on the wrong raspberry. I’m a trainee and they want to fire me if i don’t repair it (cuz it’s a raspberry for a monitoring so is useful for the company). I only have access to the monitoring raspberry via SSH and VNC. (Btw i’m french so sorry for my mistakes)

I really need your help.
Hope i will see you soon.
Bye !

Honestly, I would start looking for a new job. I would not want to work for a company that would fire someone over that. If one of my trainees or employees did that, I would use that as a learning experience and help them setup a new dashboard and to grow as an employee. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

oh that is so sweet :pleading_face: i think they were joking and they won’t fire me haha ^^ (i hope). By the way, are you a good librenms user ? if yes can we talk about a thing i try to do :sweat_smile:


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