Help me to install new os

Hi folks. Im new on LibreNMS and i have configured and installed correctly the system. I have added snmp device like switch (Juniper Cisco ) and some other network device. Im working in TV and i need to monitor some device like Elber Microwave for example or encoder and decoder that support snmp protocol. But when i add on the system they are generic device and not showing any graphs or information that i need to monitor. I have mibs for that devices. I have read the insctruction to add a new OS but is not clear to me… Can you help me with more information how to add a new os for new devices and how to monitor them? I need a more simple manual or info for this.Thnx

If you cant add by yourself using it will be hard to explain you step by step.

Take a look to and maybe someone else can help you out but that will take a very long time.

Try to do it by yourself, join Discord for support on adding it but you will have to do most of the job.

OK Thnx :smile: