Help setting up Mikrotik network monitoring


Completely new to the forum (so apologies if this is in the wrong place!), also completely new to LibreNMS.

I have just started as lead engineer for a WISP for 30 or so pop sites, and they already have libre installed and running. However, it is not doing anything near what I think it should be doing. At the moment, it’s not really being useful to us at all and isn’t really being used because it’s only reporting a handful of things.

I have googled and googled, and I just don’t know what I need to do for it to become useful to us. Our devices are all on there, and it’s chucking some alerts through but not as well as they should. It looks like I have to actually specify all the necessary rules in order for it to alert to the things I want to see.

Now, this is the opposite of what I was used to at my last FTTP start up. There, the NMS we were using just showed every single trap that devices sent and over the course of a few weeks I filtered them down to get rid of all the junk. We were using Cisco then, the routers would send traps with a severity. I could then tweak the severities on the NMS as I saw fit.

I have looked at how to create rules, and it seems completely alien to me. It seems like a huge learning curve, and this is simply something I don’t have time for.

Is there a simple way to get this up and running and just have Libre show everything the Mikrotiks are reporting, then as and when something ‘useless’ pops up I can filter it out? We have a new NOC team starting soon and I need something for those guys to look at so we know of something has gone wrong in the network. I’d rather have the new NOC guys ringing me up asking “this alert came in, is it important?”, rather then noone seeing it because someone hasn’t devised a rule for it yet.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to the LibreNMS community!

What are you looking for exactly? I mean, you said you want Libre to show everything but what is everything for you or what you see is missing?

The very best of Libre is you dont have to do almost anything to have it working. To me, the hardest part was to tweak alert templates and when you learn a bit the estructure and syntax is really easy.


Apologies for the extremely delayed response!

So,I’m not seeing many alerts at all. I’m not seeing any OSPF or BGP alerts. I’m not seeing interface up/down alerts.

From what I can make out, I have to write a rule so that it alerts me to these things? But writing a rule means knowing what all the ‘sensors’ are and how to write all the if statements etc.

I kinda pictured in my mind that we’d install Libre, add our routers, and when an OSPF adjacency goes down the router would tell Libre “this went down” and Libre would then highlight that to us. But doesn’t seem that simple?

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If you dont have any alert rule, press the blue button in the center.

You can import individually with the blue button right next to add rule (import from collection).

You have a lot of pre-made rules for almost everything in the collection

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Apologies, I didn’t see this until I have logged in for another question. After some time with Libre and learning a bit of MySQL I have got things working pretty nicely. Bit of a learning curve but it’s been enjoyable and I’m now able to set up some quite nifty rules! Thanks for your assistance!

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