Help with alerting rule


I am a bit struggling with getting a rule set up. The rule should trigger when a particular interface goes down (ideally with an interface description containing specific words) and I don’t want to monitor others.

Here is the rule:

Alert rule: %ports.ifOperStatus != “up” && %ports.port_descr_descr ~ "mPOP"
Alert query: SELECT * FROM ports WHERE (ports.device_id = ?) && (ports.ifOperStatus != “up” && ports.port_descr_descr REGEXP “mPOP” )
Rule match: no match
(while the port is shutdown)

Here is the SW config:
interface ethernet 1/23
description mPOP-Monitor-1

If I remove this %ports.port_descr_descr ~ “mPOP” it works fine for all interfaces.

Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

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Does that rule work if you edit the regex to match the interface description exactly? (Just for testing purposes)

ports.port_descr_descr REGEXP “mPOP-Monitor-1” )

Just a thought.


yes try it with = “mPOP”

also you could try ports.ifAlias
and ports.portName

ports.ifAlias is the way to go!

That’s it fixed now.

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I want to get which port is down in alert, can anyone help me please? :slight_smile:

@Kevin_Krumm, @kamils85

@sakibmahmud you have a great collection of alert rules here -

"rule": "ports.ifOperStatus = \"down\" && ports.ifOperStatus_prev = \"up\" && macros.device_up = \"1\"",
"name": "Port status change from up to down"