Help with Alerts

Sorry, I’m very new to LibreNMS and I’m having a hard time deciphering the documentation. Is there an ELI5 version of “how to create alerts”? Thanks.

Maybe we can help, what alert rule are you trying to make?

I’m not even sure what kinds of alerts I can make. I would like to start with a simple switch/server/host ping alert and then move up to high cpu/mem/data alerts.


@clay the ELI5 is use the alert rule collection to find common alert rules. Look at how those work :wink:

There was also an option to add a default set of alert rules when you had no alert rules. If you would like that option, they are all in the alert rule collection, or you can delete your current rules and the button will show up again on page refresh.

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Ok, I found the Create Rule From Collection and the Devices Up/Down alert.

If I don’t specify devices, does it default to all my devices?

And I create the notification in Create Alert Transport? If so, for a simple email alert, I just name it, supply my email address and enable it?


Yes, it applies to all devices unless you map it specifically to a device or device group.

Yes, but make sure you have your email settings correct in the global settings.