Help with Cisco Nexus 93180 VLANv counters

I have a new device in my network:
cisco Nexus9000 C93180YC-FX Chassis
Version : Cisco NX-OS™ nxos.9.3.4.bin, Software (nxos), Version 9.3(4), RELEASE SOFTWARE Copyright © 2002-2020 by Cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled 4/28/2020 20:00:00
All the pollng seems to be fine and was 100% on replaced switch which was a cisoc nexus 3064PQ. On the new switch The vlan counters are not shown. The standard cisco MIB ( doesnt show counters for vlans, however if I use ( the counters are present. I desperately need to monitor the vlan counters but have no idea how to add/modify the mib for this device.

I would really appreciate any pointers or help with resolving this issue.

Is there someone who can then maybe help with creating or modifying a query for a device. Even to create a new device. I am sure someone out there has done this before…

for nxos 9.x you have to do this:

conf t
hardware profile svi-and-si flex-stats-enable
copy running-config startup-config



after that it should start to have stats properly.

you can check by example doing

sh int vlan 500 counters detailed all

0. l3_ucast_bytes_in = 11102628574

  1.               l3_ucast_pkts_in = 13133287
  2.             l3_ucast_bytes_out = 11537298166
  3.              l3_ucast_pkts_out = 13274025

today if you still dont have this solved you should have 0 like this:

sh int vlan 500 counters detailed all

0. l3_ucast_bytes_in = 0

  1.               l3_ucast_pkts_in = 0
  2.             l3_ucast_bytes_out = 0
  3.              l3_ucast_pkts_out = 0

I am really appreciate this, thank you. Will reboot and confirm it shows up. Does show a warning after adding the configuration as follows:

Warning!!: VxLAN, MPLS, Tunnel and Multicast features
need to disabled for svi-and-si flex stats to be enabled.
Please reload the switch for the change to take effect.

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