Help with Email Transport

Have the same problem, I tried to run the scripts but get no such file or directory

I’m trying to setup SMTP for alerts, I have entered the host, port , picked smtp, and set the authentication user. These are the same setting used in other programs. but when I set enable email alerting to yes i get an error stating “no config item”. on the General alert setting I have Disable alerting No, Issue alerts to admins Yes, issue alerts to read only users No. Issue alerts to normal users Yes, issue alerts to syscontact No, Send alerts to default contact only Yes, Copy all email alerts to default contact Yes, Default contact has a email address, Tolerance window for cron 5, updates to contact email addresses not honored Yes, default acknowledge until alert clears option No.
I have read the smtp setup document but still now luck. thanks

post output of validate.php




here you go.
#!/usr/bin/env php

<?php /* * LibreNMS * * Copyright (c) 2014 Neil Lathwood * * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the * Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your * option) any later version. Please see LICENSE.txt at the top level of * the source code distribution for details. */ use LibreNMS\Config; use LibreNMS\ValidationResult; use LibreNMS\Validator; chdir(__DIR__); // cwd to the directory containing this script ini_set('display_errors', 1); require_once 'includes/common.php'; require_once 'includes/functions.php'; require_once 'includes/dbFacile.php'; $options = getopt('g:m:s::h::'); if (isset($options['h'])) { echo "\n Validate setup tool Usage: ./validate.php [-g ] [-s] [-h] -h This help section. -s Print the status of each group -g Any validation groups you want to run, comma separated: Non-default groups: - mail: this will test your email settings (uses default_mail option even if default_only is not set) - distributedpoller: this will test for the install running as a distributed poller - rrdcheck: this will check to see if your rrd files are corrupt Default groups: - configuration: checks various config settings are correct - database: checks the database for errors - dependencies: checks that all required libraries are installed and up-to-date - disk: checks for disk space and other disk related issues - php: check that various PHP modules and functions exist - poller: check that the poller and discovery are running properly - programs: check that external programs exist and are executable - updates: checks the status of git and updates - user: check that the LibreNMS user is set properly Example: ./validate.php -g mail. " ; exit; } // Buffer output ob_start(); $precheck_complete = false; register_shutdown_function(function () { global $precheck_complete; if (!$precheck_complete) { // use this in case composer autoloader isn't available spl_autoload_register(function ($class) { include str_replace('\\', '/', $class) . '.php'; }); print_header(version_info()); } }); // critical config.php checks if (!file_exists('config.php')) { print_fail('config.php does not exist, please copy config.php.default to config.php'); exit; } $pre_checks_failed = false; $syntax_check = `php -ln config.php`; if (!str_contains($syntax_check, 'No syntax errors detected')) { print_fail('Syntax error in config.php'); echo $syntax_check; $pre_checks_failed = true; } $first_line = rtrim(`head -n1 config.php`); if (!starts_with($first_line, '<?php')) { print_fail("config.php doesn't start with a <?php - please fix this ($first_line)"); $pre_checks_failed = true; } if (str_contains(`tail config.php`, '?>')) {
print_fail("Remove the ?> at the end of config.php");
$pre_checks_failed = true;


// Composer checks
if (!file_exists(‘vendor/autoload.php’)) {
print_fail(‘Composer has not been run, dependencies are missing’, ‘./scripts/composer_wrapper.php install --no-dev’);

// init autoloading
require_once ‘vendor/autoload.php’;

$dep_check = shell_exec(‘php scripts/composer_wrapper.php install --no-dev --dry-run’);
preg_match_all(’/Installing ([^ ]+/[^ ]+) (/’, $dep_check, $dep_missing);
if (!empty($dep_missing[0])) {
print_fail(“Missing dependencies!”, “./scripts/composer_wrapper.php install --no-dev”);
$pre_checks_failed = true;
print_list($dep_missing[1], “\t %s\n”);
preg_match_all(’/Updating ([^ ]+/[^ ]+) (/’, $dep_check, $dep_outdated);
if (!empty($dep_outdated[0])) {
print_fail(“Outdated dependencies”, “./scripts/composer_wrapper.php install --no-dev”);
print_list($dep_outdated[1], “\t %s\n”);

$validator = new Validator();
if ($validator->getGroupStatus(‘dependencies’) == ValidationResult::FAILURE) {
$pre_checks_failed = true;

if ($pre_checks_failed) {

$init_modules = [‘laravel’];
require ‘includes/init.php’;

// make sure install_dir is set correctly, or the next includes will fail
if (!file_exists(Config::get(‘install_dir’).’/config.php’)) {
$suggested = realpath(DIR);
print_fail(’$config[‘install_dir’] is not set correctly.’, “It should probably be set to: $suggested”);

if (\LibreNMS\DB\Eloquent::isConnected()) {
$validator->ok(‘Database connection successful’, null, ‘database’);
} else {
$validator->fail(‘Error connecting to your database.’, null, ‘database’);

$precheck_complete = true; // disable shutdown function

if (isset($options[‘g’])) {
$modules = explode(’,’, $options[‘g’]);
} elseif (isset($options[‘m’])) {
$modules = explode(’,’, $options[‘m’]); // backwards compat
} else {
$modules = array(); // all modules

// run checks
$validator->validate($modules, isset($options[‘s’])||!empty($modules));

function print_header($versions)
$output = ob_get_clean();

echo <<< EOF


Component Version
LibreNMS ${versions[‘local_ver’]}
DB Schema ${versions[‘db_schema’]}
PHP ${versions[‘php_ver’]}
MySQL ${versions[‘mysql_ver’]}
RRDTool ${versions[‘rrdtool_ver’]}
SNMP ${versions[‘netsnmp_ver’]}



// output matches that of ValidationResult
function print_fail($msg, $fix = null)
c_echo("[%RFAIL%n] $msg");
if ($fix && strlen($msg) > 72) {
echo PHP_EOL . " ";

if (!empty($fix)) {
    c_echo(" [%BFIX%n] %B$fix%n");
echo PHP_EOL;


You need to run it, not open it.

Let me get the errors fixed

Component Version
LibreNMS 1.48.1
DB Schema 2019_01_16_195644_add_vrf_id_and_bgpLocalAs (131)
PHP 7.2.3-1ubuntu1
MySQL 10.1.29-MariaDB-6
RRDTool 1.7.0


[OK] Composer Version: 1.8.4
[OK] Dependencies up-to-date.
[OK] Database connection successful
[FAIL] Time between this server and the mysql database is off
Mysql time 2019-02-22 05:45:20
PHP time 2019-02-22 11:45:20

[FAIL] MySQL Database collation is wrong: utf8mb4 utf8mb4_general_ci
Check for info on how to fix.
[OK] Database schema correct
[FAIL] You have no timezone set for php.