Hi everyone! Question about LibreNMS and the check_mk agent

Hey everyone!
I’m new to the LibreNMS community and just had an inquiry about using LibreNMS with the 'check_mk; agent.

I’ve been using LibreNMS for about a week now and I must say that prefer it over other System Monitoring / Stats applications. I’ve started to work with various Nagios plugins and have been working through various bugs with each plugin, it’s been a great learning experience.

My questions is, does anyone have any information on getting LibreNMS to pull data from the ‘check_mk’ agent? I’ve installed the agent on a few linux servers and also Windows 10, enabled the ‘Unix Agent’ for that server in the Modules section and also added the port under “Misc” of the Check_mk agent.

It doesn’t seem to be pulling in any data at all on the LibreNMS side. I’ve tested the check_mk agent on the servers end and it is working as expected. Am I missing something here or is this something that is still being looked into?

Thanks guys!

Hey @astewart

Have you gone through: http://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Applications/ ?

Thanks for the link @laf
I’m pretty sure I’ve been on that page before but didn’t see the instructions at the bottom on the check_mk agent.

Has anyone got this to work in a Windows environment?

I don’t expect most of those work as they are typically linux scripts, Python might do but it’s usually calling for specific things.

What is it you’re looking to get out of check_mk?

Ok, the linux side is working great now. Yeah, the linux scripts will not work windows as expected.

Basically for the Windows hosts, it is not reporting the Temp and Fanspeed.

Do you know if check_mk natively outputs that info?

We have collectd support. Only a brief mention in the docs unfortunately. I would recommend.

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I confirmed in the output that it does. I had downloaded the manually installed the check_mk agent right from their site, upon running the test in CMD, it outputs ALOT of info, including fan speed, temperature, running services, remote enabled, IIS configurations, etc.

@murrant, Thanks! I will check that out.


Any chance you could share that output?

We could add temperature and fan speeds along with other things :slight_smile:

I’d guess sharing via email would be best

Hi @f0o,
Not a problem at all. I have the 64-bit version of check_mk agent installed, running on Windows 10.

I seem to get a few errors and I’m pretty sure the temperature is there. Either way, I have no problems sending this to you via Email. There is alot of information pulled.

PM me your email?