Hide other server names in LibreNMS under 'Ports'

We have given users access to LibreNMS. Their own servers are assigned to their own account. However, when viewing a port, other servers that don’t belong to the users as shown as well, as so:

The customer can’t click on other customer servers (that don’t belong to them) but the hostname is shown. That’s a problem.

How do I make LibreNMS hide that for servers that the logged in user that does not have permissions to view?

Your only option here is to set $config['enable_port_relationship'] = false; to disable that column completely.

We, as admins, must be able to see it, of course; so that’s not an option.

Seems like a bit of a design flaw in LibreNMS. Will see if my colleague would like to contribute and build an option to prevent this.

@NominaSumpta some parts of the code aren’t very good at respecting device permissions.

Probably updating the SQL is all that is needed.

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