:Hide top bar:, colour chooser

UPDATE: Top bar solution have been found. ?bare=yes in url

Hello beautiful people
Me and my IT server team have just switched to LibreNMS so far we like it.
But we have a screen in our room where other teams and even customers come in, where we have it on so even if we don’t notice the mail or haven’t looked at the dashboard people can be like “Hey have you noticed X has a problem” and it would be nice to be able to hide the top bar where the settings and username shown for a more clean look

We have also in the css edited some colours so it fits better with the firm, but a nice feature might be the ability to edit this through the web portal, either with a fancy gui thingy or just show the code for colours in settings

If any of this is confusing just ask away, I am not a programmer to any extend but these features would maybe make the product more user friendly,

I think there is already a bare option. Looks like just add ?bare=yes to the url

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nice feature. looks well.
Where is it documented?

No idea, I only know it from the code. Looks like there is a button on some pages, but it should work on all…

tested and loved :slight_smile:
should be written down into documentation

Agreed just didn’t have the time to answer, it really should be written down, me and a colleague have been looking for it, couldn’t find it anywere.

And i still think the colour choser should be possible

what do you mean with colour chooser?

have you tried to change Theme?
If yu miss a style, feel free to add another theme

Tried the themes
I mean being able to change the different colours to fit ones company colour palet