Hiding navigation in iframe - layout=embedded

I have an application that I am embedding librenms to currently, using iframe, passing username/password in the url. I thought I read somewhere that using layout=embedded would hide the navigation, but I cannot get it to work. I don’t know if I’m going crazy or something, but now I cannot find where I read that filter existed.

Thanks for help in advance

it’s bare=yes

I owe you a very cold one. Thanks!

Maybe I spoke too quick. It works great with the exception of navigating through the different subnav menu’s, the bare goes away. I plan on showing a device and letting the user navigate through the subnav menus. I’m not really a professional front end developer, but is there a way to force bare=yes to any page navigated on the iframe? Possibly with javascript?

Thanks again

That’s not currently supported I’m afraid.

Ah alright, too bad. Hopefully someone else wants this functionality as well and can implement. It looks very clean on an iframe when I use bare, wish it would stick as I navigated. I ended up modifying bootstrap css to hide navbar, but obviously I’m stuck not being able to use the front end now. I am working with the api to add new objects and from an nms I built I provide access to devices with a lookup to devices api in that iframe. Another idea I had was since I had a navbar on top as well in my app, I set the margin padding negative on the iframe, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it cleanly without breaking the scroll bars. Wonder if I could add my own JavaScript somewhere in libre to say, if source address of request = x, hide navbar. Or if page = device/x. Where do you think I would be able to add that properly?