High availability on FTD devices

We have multiple ASA firewalls set up in HA mode and we can get the state of the failover interfaces and which device is active/stby on the dashboard and on the health tab of these devices.
Screenshot 2022-04-27 142659

My current issue is we can’t see the same information for FTDs , we currently have 8 of them ( 4 pairs ) .
Screenshot 2022-04-27 142813

I was able to use the custom OID feature to pull this information using the same OIDs used on the ASA devices, but we need alerting on HA changes and I understand this is not the best way to approach this.
After investigating and reading the docs about sensors, states, yaml files and PHPs , I can’t find where to make the change so FTDs devices show the same sensor state information as ASAs.

Took a long shot and just copied the file from asa and renamed it to ftd under :

cp asa.inc.php ftd.inc.php

This looks like it’s working , I’ll update if I can see anything wrong after a couple of days.

“sensors” toggle needs to be enabled in the GUI for each FTD device for this to work
under the Modules tab

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