Hoe to use API to create transports and rules with transports


is there a way how to add transports programatically using API? I have read the documentation and did not find a way how to do it.

I want to manage the whole configuration using ansible, but not being able the use API for adding transports is breaking my effort.

I did not find a way how to add an alerting rule with transport in as well.

Is there a recommended way how to tackle these issues?


I don’t believe it is currently possible until someone contributes the API code for it.

It would be nice for sure. We do 99% of the configuration with a bunch of generated ‘lnms config:set …’ command line stuff that gets generated when we cold boot an environment (ie bring up a new mysql instance) - but Transports and Alert rules we manually manage on multiple instances which sucks a little.

From memory when we boot strapped them we mysqldumped a few tables from one instance and restored them. I can’t remember which ones though …

It would be good to have the APIs just to facilitate backups/recover/migration activities etc

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