Hostname and snmp proxy

Hi! Managed to setup an snmp proxy. From the command line (snmpwalk) I can query my switch via a proxy community on my NAS. But when I try to add that proxied switch to librennms, it will get refused “Hostname already exists”. So how can I add a proxied device behind an already existing IP or DNS name, but different community string?

Create another DNS record for that.

Unfortunately that is not an option for DynDNS based client networks. I did that already for fixed IPs.

You cannot have duplicate hostnames. You could set up CNAMEs or host file entries.

So what would be the best way to gather data from external networks, which cannot be accessed directly? Typically I have mentioned small external networks with a DynDNS domain. (What I read from the docs: Distributed Pollers?)

Distributed polling is not what is intended for, but you can use it.