Hosts of Eaton EMA114-10 ePDUs managed with a same IP


In our lab environment, every two Eaton Power Distribution Units with the type of Eaton EMA114-10 are connected in a Daisy Chain and managed with a same IP.

When adding a host with the management IP of a set of ePDUs, only one ePDU can be discovered.

Are there any ways to discover the two ePDUs that are managed with a same IP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Each ePDU and outlet on ePDUs has a unique name.

Though one ePDU name is discovered on a management IP, all outlets on the two ePDUs are discovered.

However, duplicated outlets are shown.

Each ePDU has 24 outlets and thus 48 ports are expected on the host. However, it showed 73.

I deleted the host and the added the host again, the number of ports is still much larger than 48 no matter the Port Association Mode to be either ifIndex or ifName.

Any help would be much appreciated.