How add switch to libreNms

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to add the Switch. But could not add and discover the switch. The router already adds with External IP address to the system. I want to add the switch to libreNMS. I can access Switch remotely with external IP with Port number.
The switch location is the other side of town.

So lets asume u added your router via SNMP: on port 161 (SNMP)
u need = DNS * (A Record to

Add your router as port 161 ( SNMP )
now add your switch port 1610 (example for SNMP)

U need to open port 1610 (in this example) to your internal switch to 161 ( or 1610) depens where SNMP listen to ( port open or port forward )

Now u got CR01… and SW01 … in your libre NMS ( I asume the hostname is difrent then the switch )

Be aware SNMPv2c = plain text / i sugest u move to SNMP v3 incl encription.

Good luck.

Thanks for your reply.