How Can I Help?

Not asking for support as everything is working just fine for me.

However after reaping the full benefit of using what I call the Trifecta (Graylog2, Librenms, Oxidized (or rancid - both work)) - all under 1 user WebUI, I feel that it is only right that I contribute something back.

Trick is, I am not a programmer, but a NW engineer. That having been said, I am a real fast learner, and would like to help out anyway I can to help keep this very strong project going.

Any place I can start to ‘get my feet wet’ as they say?


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Hey, thanks for asking to help out. The biggest thing would be are docs. And helping out other users with questions. :slight_smile:
I’m not a coder guy either but I try and do what I can with docs and answering questions etc…
In the docs top right-hand corner you can see an edit button.


Thanks for the offer of help David. You don’t need to code to get involved as @Kevin_Krumm and @robje will testify to.

We’ve got a post on exactly this topic, have a read and see where you think you can help out: Would you like to help the LibreNMS project?

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