How configure Two WAN Port

Hi Everyone,

How LibreNms to configure for check two WAN port. If the main connection down and LiberNms start monitoring. failover connection and notifying us. Check the Picture below:

Your librenms server is onside the lan?
Or is your wan 2 same ip(device) address for polling?
Then u can make allert rules,

Else u need to make an vpn to your libre server, so whenn wan 3 go down, and wan 2 go active, the vpn will kick in and can poll same ip(device) again, and u need to make allert rules for it.

HI Team,

I got the notification about the router is down, but 4G failover is working.

How I can get the WAN3 is reporting back to the server?

Can post the alert rule you made or you are using.

Hi Kevin,
I am new to Librenms.
I am using the default setting.
It showing same External IP on WAN2 and WAN3.
I don’t know how to tell librenms to give correct external IP address on WAN3.

Even the connection is WAN it showing VDSL.