How do find high usage network port

I have a switch added in librenms and I think the overall traffic graph is great, I can quickly and easily see the traffic usage that has passed through the switch.

What I would like help with is determining which port is using all the bandwidth. When I click on the Overall Traffic graph it takes me to the next page which shows the pre-defined options, 6 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours…etc. When I click show legend I can see all the ports and the stats, but I can’t arrange those stats by hi/lo and the colors are all the same other than different shades.

Meaning, I have no way to quickly see which port is or was using the majority of the bandwidth that caused the traffic spike on the Overall Traffic graph.

Is there a quicker/easier way to see which port is using all the bandwidth?


On, you can click on the Traffic column name to have it sorted.

Thank you, that is a big help for live data. How about seeing which port was using the bandwidth when I click the 48 hour graph and the event is in the past?

I don’t think you can do that.
I’m not even sure these metrics exists in the database, since they are in rrd at this point.

Interesting. That’s kind of unfortunate considering the data was/is in LibreNMS. I’d like to see the RRD graphs with unique colors so I could at least identify graph data by color. The current colors don’t really mean anything to me. Not to say that they aren’t useful, but I don’t find it useful.