How do I detect printer counter and copy counts?

Hello everyone, Librenms is a great tool. I already have all the necessary features in it, but I certainly would not only welcome the possibility of printing counterparts (printers A4 and A3, …), most often with Canon IRaC and HP copiers. Can these counters be read somewhere? Remaining toner is not needed for me.

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The standard OID for page count is which on Fuji-Xerox covers total prints+copies for colour/mono. You’ll need to find a vendor MIB for colour/mono and print/copy breakdowns, here are some.

Color (Xerox):
Mono (Xerox):
Color (Lexmark):
Mono (Lexmark):
Color (HP):
Mono (HP):

Beyond that someone would need to add some discovery, polling and graphing code for page counts as nothing exists at the moment. Which would make this a feature request.


Canon (IRaC,…) page counter OID for page count is:

101 (Total) -
112 Total (Black and White/Large) -
113 Total (BW/Small) -
122 Total (Full Color + Single / large)
123 Total Full Color + Single/Small)
501 Scan -

There is nothing to do, I made a script to read these SNMP values, and I did it myself. It’s a pity that such a basic thing in a quality system like Librenms is missing. What is the state of toner when you find out that the life of the drum and / or other components may be taking place.

Hi, for epson ?